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Welcome to  Department of Computer science & Information Technology.  Computer science is a diverse and fast-expanding field that has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Computing and Information Technology are constantly evolving and provide numerous opportunities for true creativity and innovation. Department of Computer Science & Information Technology at Thal University Bhakkar offers such courses and program structures which are specially designed to provide students with the opportunity to create a broad range of skills and understanding of the technologies required for modern era.

Access to the best modern resources and existing Information Technology infrastructure is a crucial component of the university experience. Our dedication is to deliver superior computer science education that will expand skill and knowledge that undoubtedly establish you on the path to a bright future.
If you are passionate about Computers Science and Information Technology and want to pursue a career in an evolving field, then join the Department of Computer Science & Information Technology and experience the joy of the modern-computing revolution.

Mr. Faheem Ahmed Khalid
Incharge / Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & I. T.
Phone: 0453-9200070
Email: [email protected]





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Department of Computer Sciences & I. T.

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